Monday, May 16, 2011

Trying to organize the disorganized

I will admit I am probably one of the most disorganized people. That being said we had an extra room in the house that we spontaneously decided to turn into and office/studio. My husband is an artist, who draws for a living, and then there is me, who crafts for a living (or at least tries to.)

The house was built in the 70's and hasn't been updated in any way other than some paint and a small addition, so yeah, the house is ugly.  I really hate the dark wood paneling. I hate the people who put it in originally even more.  (This house was built by the original owners who lived in it while building it so nothing in the house is right.)  They glued the darn paneling to the drywall...the drywall does not go over the duct work for the heat so there really is no way to take down the paneling with out having to re-drywall the entire house. My sad solution to this is......get ready for this one....paint the paneling.  Yeah I know painted paneling. Sounds bad huh?  Not really to bad actually. I've already painted the living room a nice light green apple color. The paneling kind of gives it that country feel.

PhotobucketThe color is going to be a nice yellow color, not to bright and not so light that it might as well be white.  We are completely rearranging the room too. The closet is going to be emptied and painted a bright white. A desk will be inserted in to the closet for under storage and then covered with a white cloth. Flood lamps will be placed in the closet and this is where I will be able to take all my photos. I plan to close off the closet with a white curtain so that I can hide it when not in use and then just pull the curtain back when I need to take photos.

We are doing all of this to try to take the best advantage of the space that we can, and to help weed out what we actually need and organize it all.  Big hopes for a very unorganized person. I fear that when it is all done I won't be able to find a thing.  It'll probably take a few weeks and I'll try my best to post in progress pictures. 

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