Friday, April 12, 2013

Copic markers color anything?!

So in the Copic marker certification classes we talked about how Copic markers will color anything.  I had to wonder if this was true. I mean a marker that will color anything. That would be completely awesome.   I had to test this...

Enter my problem...I was working on beading some of my new wine glass charms and I wanted some crystal bicones to match the purple skull that was the main focus. 

I took the Copic markers and tested them on paper to find the color that matched. This is the one I chose.
I took the brush side of this Copic sketch marker, V09, and used it to color a clear crystal bicone (and some of my fingers which got in the way.)  So, do Copic markers color crystal bicones? Yep they sure do.
I polished them up with a soft dry cloth and used them on my wine charms. Check it out:

So now if you want custom color crystal bicones just have some clear ones on hand and all you have to do is find a matching Copic marker and color away. :)

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