Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter and the beach

We have a tradition for Easter of a huge breakfast with lots of fun involved.  First off everyone has to design and color their own eggs, yes that includes the adults too. We break out the canyons, color and dye the eggs.

There are pumpkin eggs, pirate eggs, hulk eggs, spider man eggs, and tye dye eggs. Each different each belonging to someone.  Now on Easter the tradition is to crack them against one another to see who the winner is, the winner is the one with the last unbroken egg. If you look at an egg you will notice it's oval in shape. To crack eggs you must hit fat end to fat end. Some one holds their fat end of the egg up with their hands around the egg and the other person hold their fat end down. The one holding fat end down smacks the other egg lightly to see who's cracks. I, alas, did not win this year though I did have a long run with out my egg breaking.

That is just part of the Easter tradition we have. The "Easter Bunny" hides plastic eggs filled with candy all over the living room and the kids get to find them. It usually works out that there are more hidden than found. I'm still not quite sure where they disappear.

Then there is breakfast. It's all about the breakfast.
Borscht, with Easter kielbasa, rye bread, horseradish and egg, potato pancakes with sour cream or apple sauce. A feast that will fill you up for the day. Or so I thought till my youngest was complaining of starvation 2 hours later.

PhotobucketThat's really all there is, no big dinner or nothing, usually a movie during the day. Today was so nice outside (76° F) we decided to go to the beach. I was surprised how many people there were there today, it being Easter and all. We got down there and all there was was fog. Really bad fog, I'm talking Stephen King kind of fog. You couldn't seen very far at all. The car in the picture was about 100 ft from us.  Though we were lucky, the sun pushed though and lifted most of it. There was some haze off the ocean.
Photobucket  I even got around to building a nice tiny little sand castle, with a mote, mote monster, bridge and enchanted forest. Hehe. If you look hard yo might see it.
 It's the first time I've ever been to the beach on Easter. I still remember snow on Easter and it usually being cold.  It made it a really great day!

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