Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Hello World!

I did it I made my blog! :) But now what...Let me tell you a little about me and what I do.

I'm the sort of person who needs to constantly have something to do.  If I'm not doing something I'm bored and miserable.

I have been making things, creating things, for a long time now.  It started out when I was little and a neighbor introduced me to plastic canvas and counted cross stitch. I love to do counted cross stitch and I still have projects I'm working on around my house.  The problem that I have with counted cross stitch is that it's very time consuming and I really need to be fully focused on it, which is hard when there are kids running about. All through out highschool I drew pictures and I still paint, mostly ACEO's when inspiration hits.  I started sculpting when I was in college. I took a sculpting class in which we explored natural clay, plaster, and plasitcs.  For our final sculpture of the class one dimension had to be our height.  I made what I entitled "Phat Phish". I built it in the garage as it was to big to be in the house. Not thinking about having to move it to the college I made it in one giant piece. My dad had fun trying to fit it in the minivan. That was fun!! I picked up sculpting again after I met my husband only this time using polymer clay. I love making things out of clay. There's just so much you can do with it. 
I've also unsuccessfully sewn things. I bought a sewing machine after I found some patterns that I found that I wanted to try to make. I got as far as pulling the pattern out of the envelope and being dumbfounded by what I found inside. Apparently sewing from a pattern isn't for me. I've made blankets, quilts, ornaments sewing but I'm by far not proficient in it.

Then I discovered book binding. I'm not exactly sure how I did, but I did and I loved it. I love trying to create books from unique things. I love working with paper and folding it to make something lovely that people can write in and create their own drawing in. It's creating something that someone else can love and use just as much as I loved making it. I've made sketch books and CD books, tiny scale books and necklace books, books to write in, to draw in, to add pictures in, each different and unique.  The very first book I made I still use to this day. I made it to keep all the information we use when we go geocaching.  It's been through the woods and back and it's held up just fine, almost looks as good as the day I made it. I love the challenge that comes with book binding. I look at somethings and just say to myself "I bet I could make a book out of that." and in most cases I do or will try. I love to experiment with different papers and coverings. I find it relaxing and fun.

With everything I've created I came up with Crafty Day Dreams. It's a little of everything that I make and create; books, clay figures and ACEOs. I can't possibly house all my creations. I'll hold on to them till the day comes when someone else can give them a new home. :)

Outside of all the artsy things, a little bit more about me.  I love to cook, read, watch movies, play video games, geocaching and gardening. We are building garden boxes for our vegetable garden this year. Geocaching is a fun, mostly inexpensive (just the cost of gas, packed lunch and drinks) thing to do with the family. The kids love it and it's great exercise. We have been on some amazing hikes and found parks that we never knew were around. And who doesn't love food. I like to experiment with food, often making dinner with a recipe as a guide line altering it or not using one at all. Then there's the Kindle. I was hooked from the start. I had a Sony reader but I much prefer the Kindle....Where ever I go my Kindle goes. I love the word games and the books for it. I never run out of reading material and I don't have to lug a big book around with me. The Kindle fits right in my purse. I find it really useful for the text to speech for my daughter who is dyslexic. She uses it so she can hear the story and follow along with the text. So it gets used a lot. I watch an average of 2 movies a week depending on what's going on in life. Thank you Netflix for feeding my movie needs. Hehe. I went out and bought a WiFi blue-ray player just to stream Netflix shows and movie.  And that's me in a nutshell. :)

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