Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Handmade Holidays

The holidays are such a wonderful, magickal time of the year. They are very special to me and hold some of the best memories for me. I love to make the holidays extra special by adding that element of there being something unique and handmade. Plus with out there being much money this time of year handmade makes much more sense. Handmade items are typically equal to, though almost all the time are better than, the manufactured items. I have never been disappointed in the purchase of a handmade item. I usually end up making gifts myself along with cooking for everyone but I love it. If I don't end up making something I like to buy that unique handmade item.

Personally I think that buying something handmade for someone takes more thought than just buying something manufactured. To help inspire you to have a homemade holiday I put together a collection at ArtFire:

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