Sunday, April 15, 2012


      I've been super busy lately and slacked on writing. I worked on the garden a little, it still has a long way to go even for this year. I still have two more boxes to build, get into place, fill with dirt and plant in. I've planted all my seeds in newspaper cups I made and put them in the starter greenhouse, (it's tiny only 4 small tiers. One day I'll have a big one!) It's still getting kind of cold here at night so I worry about planting the seeds too early. One year I planted my plants apparently too early and it got to cold for them and they all died. I had to buy plants twice that year. This year I want to make sure I don't loose any or as little as possible. We still have leeks growing from last year. They survived the winter. Parsnips are coming up from last year already. The celery is sprouting again from plants that almost made it though the winter. Garlic and chives are already growing. So some things are well under way. The only unfortunate part is I wanted to move the bed with the leeks and parsnips in it but now can't because they decided to keep growing.

      Besides playing in the garden I've been busy making all sorts of things, one being a ton more bookmarks. I came into rather suddenly a bunch of beautiful beads and things and the ideas just kept flowing for different bookmarks.

Here are some of the large bookmarks I made. The Shepard's hooks on these measure just under 5" long. The left bookmark is beaded with light green glass leaf beads, green stone and pearl beads, a silver foil glass leaf bead and a silver dragon fly charm. The middle bookmark has different lengths of pewter colored chain with glass beads in black, green and clear blue colors. It also has a metal bird and feather charm hanging from the chains as well. The right bookmark has upcycled vintage gold puff hearts on a gold chain beaded with gold ball beads and light green Swarovski crystals. To find out more information on these and to see their listings click HERE

I made some smaller bookmarks too. These Shepard's hook bookmarks are just over 3" in length. They are more ideal for smaller hard cover books or paperback books but they will also work for the larger books too.

Along with all of these a really brilliant idea hit me (at least I think it was brilliant.) I love my Pandora bracelet and all the different charms that I have for it. This got me thinking. Why not make something for my Pandora/Pandora style beads and charms. I thus came up with these customizable bookmarks. You can customize them with your very own Pandora style beads and charms. Have your bookmark with a personal touch that's all your own. So far I have made these two:

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