Thursday, February 6, 2014

Mini Pocket Page Book

I think I've mentioned before that over the Christmas season Prima Marketing ran a wonderful warehouse box sale.  I picked up a couple of them and discovered my love of their products, thick papers, cute embellishments, and lovely flowers. 

I used their Londonerry line of papers to make this cute mini pocket book:

There are 8 pockets in total.  Each pocket has a tag, frame, note card or other piece of paper to journal on.  Add pictures to these cute pages and pockets to customize it. 

Here's my list of what I used for this project....
The book is made form the Londonerry sheet of paper "Finick Finack" #843113
The cards, tags and insert pieces were from Londonerry Papers "Manor House" #843144 and "Bradshaw" #843151
The front embellishments are from a variety of sets.  The orange, yellow and black flower, along with the leaves and vine are from "Gracie Vine Doodle-Deux" #555825.  The blue rose with the gold tipped petals is "Coventry Rose Romantique" #553302.  The large brown flow is  form the "Brown Floral Embellishments" #713546.  In the middle of it all is the Finick Finack "Londondary Chipboard Sticker" #551230.

To help finish off the edges of the pockets, the seams of the pages and the spine of the book, I used a Nami Nami tape from Jet Pens.

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