Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year and New Things.

Happy New Year Everyone!!! The new year is here, and with that brings new and exciting things. Along with the new year comes those new years resolutions. I have a few resolutions both personal and for the studios.

1. I want to loose weight. (80 lbs would be nice but hey I'd settle for a nice round 50.)
2. I want to get a 100 items listed in my studio.
3. It's the biggest one of them all and will take a lot of discipline...I want to make something everyday.

Item 1. on my list. I got the Weight Watchers Points Plus program for my birthday. :) I am working, or going to be working on watching my points and what I eat better. I will be starting to walk around my yard more often for exercise, our road is a little dangerous to walk on. I started with 10 minutes today and will hopefully work my way up to 30 min and then start picking up the pace. I'll have to see about getting a pedometer to follow the differences in pace but I'm hoping that this is something that I can follow though on.

To help out with the getting 100 items in my studio there will soon be a kids section. I have been working with my oldest, who is autistic, teaching her how to make wonderful things. She is very artistic and uses art/crafts as an outlet for her feelings. She hopes to one day use her artistic skills to become a fashion designer but for now, since I can't follow a pattern or make cloths, I am teaching her other crafts. She has learned how to make lovely hair ties with ribbons and right now as I type she is making paper beads. Santa was nice enough to bring her papers and things to make paper beads. The items that she makes, that pass my approval will be listed in the new section in my studios.

The last one is one that will be, in my opinion the toughest. I want to make something everyday...not dinner or lunch or something I already do on a daily basis...but make/create something. A special dessert, a special dinner (not your standard everyday sorts of things), a new crafty item, a picture, painting, anything creative and fun. I want to do it for this entire year. Geesh, saying that makes it sound like it's forever and that I'm not going to be able to do it. I'll take it one day at a time and see how many days I can do it. It's going to be tough with deadlines for other things coming up but I figure I should be able to at least sketch something or bead something or do something small.

With that said...
Seeing how I love to play with paper, today I made some glass embellishments and magnets.

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