Sunday, February 5, 2012

Day 36 - Paper Pots

Today's all about the garden. I went out today and bought all, at least I think it's all, my seeds for the season. I've never started my whole garden from seeds. I usually buy a lot of plants from one of the farmers down the road. This year however, I've decided I want my garden to be all my doing. (Keeping fingers crossed that this all goes as planned or I just might still end up buying plants.) I bought all heirloom seeds. Yay for no genetically modified food! I got tomato, carrots, corn, parsnips, lettuce, peas, beans, cucumbers, peppers, eggplant, leeks, onions, squash, celery, basil, sage, thyme, and a flowering vine for - hopefully - a new fence. It's a much so that we well be expanding the garden yet again. Now it trying to figure out where to get cheap lumber (hard wood..preferably cedar) for building more boxes. I have left over floral fabric from a french drain I put in last summer that I'm going to put down over the grass to kill it off and keep the new part of the garden weed free. :)

Right now the next step that I can think of, out side of finding some lumber and skids/pallets for a fence, is to get the seeds ready for planting. I plan on purchasing a little greenhouse so I can start some of my seeds ahead of time. I heard from somewhere about paper pots and a light bulb clicked. Why should I pay for the decomposing pots when I can make my own seed pots for free by recycling my newspapers. So I looked for a good video on how to do it and found this one here:

I made a couple to see what it was like. I used a regular sized soup can for the larger of the two and a small juice glass for the smaller one. I'm thinking that the tomato paste can might work the best but I'm going to have to wait until I need to use a tomato paste to find that out.

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