Sunday, February 12, 2012

Day 43 - Water color tip

Today I wanted to finally start my pallet for watercolors for painting trading cards. I've been using my hubby's pallet in the past but bought one of my own and figured I'd start putting some paints of the colors that I'm using in it. It's tough to decide which tube to squeeze onto the pallet when there are two or three of the same color in different brands or just trying to figure out which color is which. I decided to do what I've done in the past with my water color pencils for the tubes of water color paints. I took a piece of water color paper and painted a little splotch on it and labeled it so I know which is which. I then can decide which gives me the best color or the color I want. I also know what the paint actually comes out like when painting with it, as the paints sometimes don't really match the color on the outside label of the tube. Here's some of my decision making help for browns and a blue.
From this I decided to add the Cotman Burnt Umber, Pentel Yellow Ochre, Cotman Black Ivy, and the Pentel Prussian Blue to my pallet. I will keep this around in case I need to know what the colors tube paints look like.

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