Thursday, February 23, 2012

Day 53 & 54 - Photo and work

This running around is gonna kill me. So darn busy, it's insane. It needs to slow down soon.

So I came across this tree on day 53 in a parking lot I was in while I was out and I saw something in it. I snapped the picture took it home and drew what I saw on the tree in Photoshop. Now it's not the greatest drawing, I could have done better if I broke out the Wacom and took my time, but you'll get the point. It's kind of silly but it stood out the second I saw it.

So outside of running around, I've been busy working on a deadline. This brings us to day 54 and work. I've been color my butt off.. Coloring what? you ask. Well this:
Vampirella line art trading cards for Breygent Marketing is what I've been busy coloring. While it is work, it's still creative to come up with how to color the cards and different ways to color cards that have the same art on them to make them look different. I'll post a picture of some done ones when I can.

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