Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Day 10 - Love Card

Today was rough. Something suddenly hit me last night and I'm now sick :( I felt fine when I was outside today. It was nice and cool, a fall like day only in January. This leads me to believe it's indoor allergy related. :( Could be my dog. He is "blowing his coat," at least that is what the websites call it. It's horrible, bits and pieces, clumps and handfuls of fur everywhere. Thankfully he only does it twice a year, this year it's a little later than others and lasting longer. I think it's because of the strange weather we are having, snow in October nothing since and it has not really been brutally cold like most winters. We're two weeks into January and I still have leeks and celery growing in my garden, maybe not growing great but they are still there. Strange.

Anyway, with yesterday's post were I did some wire writing I figured I put one of those words to use so you could see what they look like when used. I made a Valentine's Day love card. I used some decorative card stock and glued it down to a piece of folded cream colored card stock to make the front. I cut out a pink heart from another piece of card stock and glued that down. I then took some super glue and thinly spread it on the "love" wire word from yesterday and affixed it to the middle of the heart. Viola a card with matching envelope:

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