Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Day 4 - Paper Plate Flowers

Today's creative crafty thing was a flower made from a uncoated fluted paper plate. It's something I have readily available at my house because...well I will do anything to try to avoid doing dishes. So this one isn't to hard to make and it's quite nice if you ask me.

So what I used: an uncoated paper plate, water color paints, scissors, glue, bone folder and a button. (Not a whole lot of materials required to make it.)

First thing is to paint/color the fluted area of the paper plate if you want it colored. If you wanted you could use markers, crayons, colored pencils, or no color at all and have a white flower. I chose water colors because I'm really enjoying them right now. Similar to this:

Next step is to cut the fluted part off and cut them into sections by cutting down between the flutes. After cutting out each little section the outer edge of where the plate was needs to be rounded and the inner edge needs to be more pointed sot that they look like flower petals. Here are a couple of examples:

Using a circle template I cut out a one inch circle from the middle of the paper plate. If you don't have a circle template you could trace something that is one inch and circular, like a spool of thread. I spread some of my glue around the outer edge of the circle and glued down some of the petals. Once those were down I spread some glue around the inside of the circle and just on the base of the otter layer of petal. I then glued down a second layer of petals. Some of these petals need to be trimmed and cut down a little smaller so that they fit. I then took a green button and glued it down in the very middle of all the petals. To finish off the flower I cut a leaf shape out of the middle of my paper plate. I water colored it with some shades of green and once it dried I placed it on a soft surface and used a bone folder to "draw"/imprint the veins of the leaf in. I took the leaf and glued it to the back of my flower and ended up with this:

Who knew a paper plate could make something so pretty!

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