Sunday, January 15, 2012

Day 15 - Organizing Ribbon

So today isn't really crafty but I'd like to think it's creative. It finally got to the point where I had to clean off my desk. I was buried in all of my stuff and the kids stuff. I made them take most of theirs away an put it in their room. In the office I sit on one side of a window and my hubby sits on the other side of the window. In between us is four 2' x 4' tables so that with the desks and the tables we each have an L-shaped work spot. We basically split the room in half this way. It works out really nice. I keep all my filing stuff under one of the tables along with a cart of different kinds of glue and texture elements (sand,grasses) and a box top for a cat bed. I'll have to show you that one it's a great cheap way to make a cat bed, but desk is now relatively clean. See:

It might not look so neat but I can find everything on there. I have my computer and printer/fax/copier on the top of my desk with some of my work stuffs that I need. There's a container holding pens, pencils and scissors, extra cartridges for my printer and some misc notes and scratch paper. Then on the shelves I got these container things from target that hold my stamps, stamp pads, and embossing markers. The containers are great they look nice, fit in the selves good and only cost me a dollar each. There's the self above my monitor that holds my discs, cd's (shh..yes those are old 3.5" floppies..hehe, birthday Hello Kitty, and my boxes with ACEO's in them. The book space between the two shelves house my World of Warcraft books. I placed a push pin in the top face of the desk to hang a ruler with. I have a tendency for loosing my rules, this keeps them so I know where they are. On top of the desk is a filing shelfy thing. I have projects that I'm working on in there and some extra copy paper. Next to that is my tauren hunter statue, some paints and a lamp. There's also the very big craft station thing that houses my ribbon, glitters, punch outs, tapes, most of my paints, and my hula hip shaking bobble head Hello Kitty.

The problem is that I have so much ribbon. So here's today's creative thing. I put all my ribbon on a extra dowel rod from my craft station thing and hung it between to over the door coat hooks. A curtain rod would have worked as well.

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