Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Day 24 - Book cover contiuned

Today I continued to work on the wood book cover. I've never worked with wood but I imagine it won't be much different than working with book boards. I let the last of four coats of the magnetic paint dry over night. I'm satisfied with the fourth coat. The attraction is better I probably could have gone for a fifth but like I said I'm satisfied with four.

Tonight I painted over the magnetic paint with a black paint. I chose a black craft smart® chalkboard paint to cover the magnetic paint. That's right the cover of this book is going to be a magnetic black board. :) This chalkboard paint has similar instructions to the magnetic. Dry one hour between coats, (again it didn't take an hour to dry,) 2 coats of paint one in each direction and let it cure for 24 hours. The paint at first seems thin and I wasn't sure how it would cover. Though painting over a dark grey I'm sure helped. It did take the two coats to get even coverage and even now I'm debating on a third coat. It's now drying for the 24 hours and we'll see tomorrow how it conditions when the time comes.

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