Monday, January 2, 2012

Day 2 - Made a book

So today I planned a little more involved project. I made another book. :) I love to make books, it's so much fun. This book is made up from book boards, Reeves artist paper, ribbon and a pH neutral PVA glue.

What's pH neutral PVA glue mean? It is a glue that has a neutral pH, meaning that it is neither acid nor basic, the pH level is a 7. Over time the glue will not yellow and will not yellow the papers it is used to glue. Good for scrap booking, book binding and such things that you wish to keep for a long time. The PVA stands for polyvinyl acetate, which can also be written PVAc. The PVA glue is used because it has a very strong bond and it is flexible.

This book started with me measuring and cutting paper...Then measuring and marking for the holes and hole punching the sheets for the ribbon. I had already chosen a colored decorative paper and a design for the front of the book. Once all the pages were cut and holes punched, I prepared the covers to be papered. Only the font cover of the book board is scored so that it opens like a hinge. The back cover does not open. I glued the decorative papers on the covers and used a white paper to line them. Then I took brass colored eyelets and set them in the holes of the covers where the cord was going to be fed though to bind the book. I used a dark brown suede cord to bind the book together. Finally when the book was all put together I took some brass and copper color bead studs and glued them on with some leafs to make a sort of floral design in the lower right hand corner of the book.

The result for today's craft: Suede Cord Bound Red Journal With Hand Beaded Leaf Design

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