Monday, January 23, 2012

Day 23 - The start of a book

I was in Michael's today and I saw this really neat Magnetic Paint by Martha Stewart Crafts­­™ and this wicked cool idea for a book popped into my head, well at least I think it's cool. So I picked up some boards, wood boards and painted them with this magnetic paint. It's a light grey which dries darker than it looks. It smells horrific, absolutely disgusting, making me wish it was summer and I could paint the boards with the windows open. I braved though the smell though. The paint is super thick, like molding paste thick and needs to be stirred before use. The container says that it is suppose to dry 1 hour between coats but it seemed to dry a lot faster than that. It could be the heat by my desk helping it dry faster, I'm not sure but it definitely did not take an hour. I use the recommended three coats and tested out a small magnet on it. The magnet sticks to the board but the attraction could be a bit better so I opted for a fourth coat which I just put on. Once this one is dry I'll try it out again. The instructions on the bottle also say to let it dry for 24 hours before painting over it with a craft paint. So here it sits for now:

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