Monday, January 30, 2012

Day 30 - Rainbow Friendship Bracelet

Do you remember making friendship bracelets? I do. I can't seem to remember how I came about knowing how to make them, I'm thinking summer camp, I just remember making them. My friends and I would spend hours making them. We would make them at the beach, sitting in front of the t.v., and in study hall sometimes. It was fun to see all the different designs everyone came up with and the different color combinations. We would make them and exchange them. I think I always had one on either my ankle or wrist. Thankfully the embroidery floss used to make them was cheap and you could make lots with them so it was a cheap little craft for me to do when I was younger.

I wanted to teach my kiddos to make them. They just don't seem to have the interest. "It takes to long" seemed to be the complaint...Are you kidding me? It took me no time at all to make the one I did. Here's the one I did:

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