Saturday, January 14, 2012

Day 14 - A rug?

Today was a busy day. I decided to make something that one of my kids has been begging me to do for the longest time. They learned to finger knit, thanks to the farmer's market for that one. It was one of their many demonstrations. Well the kids picked it up really fast and before long they were going though skeins of yarn. The very first finger knitting thing the little one did was a whole skein of yarn. (Would you believe it only took her maybe an hour to burn through that skein.) What do you do with something that long? It's to long to be a scarf, to long for hair ties, or a belt. Hmmmm....A doll rug.

I took some needle and thread and sewed, to the best of my poor abilities, a semi round rug? for her dolls.
Now I only say it's a "rug?" with a question mark because when I brought it to her in her room tonight I had it on top of my head. She thought that was funny and giggled and stuck it on top of her head. She knew it was suppose to be a rug but "it's so nice and fuzzy" as she says. So who knows how it will end a rug or a floppy hat.

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