Thursday, January 12, 2012

Day 12 - Simple Family Mailboxes

One of the great things that we have going on around our house is our mailboxes. These mailboxes allow us to write notes back and forth asking each other questions, leaving reminders for things or to just tell each other that we love one another. We use handmade note cards and one of my kids even has a little note book that we write back and forth in leaving it in the mailbox each time. Yesterday's post was on making the note cards today I'll go over how we made the mailboxes.

It's really easy so that the kids can do their own and personalize them. All you need is a sheet of construction paper/decorative paper, stapler, hole punch and some things to decorate your mailbox with.

To start off you with the construction paper with the short side facing you. Fold up the bottom one third of the paper, as if you were starting to fold a business letter. Staple the sides of the fold together.

This pocket that you just made is going to be where you place your notes to each other. What you do from here is all up to you. We took ours and punched holes in the upper corners so that they could hang from the door knobs. One kid decided not to do that and has theirs just taped to the font of the door. That is your choice...for this one I punched holes in it and strung some yarn though the holes to hang it.

Then it's just a matter of putting your name on it and decorating it. Here's one all decorated:

Have fun. Hang them up and leave notes to your family. :)

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