Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Day 25 - It's starting to come together

OMG! Let me start off by telling you I had the most amazing thing to eat yesterday, and by amazing I mean so not healthy for you. It's called a dirt bomb and I could eat a dozen of them. I got it from a little place in the village called Blue Squid. When I was in there a little dome sat over these things with a label on it that read "Dirt Bomb." Hmmm...curiosity set in and come to find out a "Dirt Bomb" is a doughnut that's been baked in a muffin tin (not to bad comes the not so good for you but wickedly tasty part,) dipped in butter and dredged in cinnamon and sugar. All I can say is AMAZING!!!! I spit one with hubs in the car and immediately wished we would have bought all that were under the glass dome. So if you're ever down in the village (Olde Mystick Village) give up the diet for one day stop by there and grab one of these amazing little things.

Now for today's crafty creative little bit, well it's actually quite a bit. I conditioned the chalkboard paint, works great by the way, and drilled holes in the wood for where it will be bound.

I cut out paper for the pages, I choose a heavy black card stock. I figured I'd go for an artsy sort of book. One for chalk (hence the chalkboard cover,) gel pens, pastels and the like that really pop on black paper. I folded them and they are being pressed right now.

I also covered the inside of the covers of the book with a decorative paper and punched the sewing holes though the paper. Tomorrow hopefully I'll get the pages sewn in. :)

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